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Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Marked ULSD of Hong Kong

Actually, Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Marked(ULSD marked) is made by non-coloured ULSD adding red stain.

It’s mainly to facilitate the enforcement of Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department.

The Hong Kong Government was trying to encourage infrastructure development so that they advocate the concept of duty-free industrial diesel.

In order to avoid such tax concessions being diverted to other industries, such as transport.

For example, if Customs finds that the diesel oil in the tank of a truck is red during the inspection, it can prove the law immediately.

In fact, everyone thinks that industrial diesel is more powerful, but in fact, it is only different in colour.

To prove this fact, we took the composition index of that 2 diesel to compare from the fuel company.

We found that the composition of diesel was totally the same but only in a different colour.

In 2014, the government encouraged all of us to use Euro V diesel and reduce pollution, they let the tax of ULSD be reduced to zero, totally not different from ULSD marked.

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