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Our Company

Sunshine Petroleum Company Limited is committed to creating a high-quality customer experience by providing a stable and reliable fuel supply.

Sunshine Petrol is familiar with the fuel and lubes requirements of various customers and represents the products of major fuel companies to meet the needs of different types of machinery. No matter it is industrial diesel fuel in the factory, light diesel fuel on the surface of the sea, hydraulic fuel for heavy machinery, and brake systems for civilian vehicles, the product portfolio covered by Sunshine Petrol has a complete range of products to serve every single purpose. Our customer business team will also provide professional advice for customers to maintain their machinery so that the customer's machinery can maximize its effectiveness and enhance the competitiveness of their business.


Sunshine Petrol owns more than 30 professional fuel tankers, and its scale is gradually expanding with the increase in market demand, providing customers confidence and peace of mind to rely on. 

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