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In order to satisfy the needs of many kinds of industries in fuels, we could solve any you need.

Our services area includes:

Lubricant oil supply for Industrial and Vehicles

Except Diesel for industrial use, we provided different kinds of lubricant oils, to provide the most effective and professional services and advice for the customers.

Shell Rimula R4X 15W-40 (20L)_edited.png
Shell Rimula R6 10W-40 (20L)_edited.png
Shell Tellus S2 MX 68 (20L)_edited.png
Shell Rimula R4L 15W-40 (4L x 4)_edited.png
Shell Rimula R6 10W-40 (4L x 4)_edited.png
Caltex Rando HD68 (18L)_edited.png
中石化 68 液壓油 (18升)_edited.png
中石化 T500 15W-40  (18升)_edited.png
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