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International Petroleum Trading

Mediart Associate Limited started out in the petroleum global trading business in 1993. To focus on different markets, Mr. Harry Lam established Sunshine Petroleum Co., Ltd., which mainly engages in local petroleum transportation in Hong Kong, while Mediart Associate Limited mainly engages in international petroleum trading. Mediart and Sunshine are related companies, and Mr. Lam is the sole shareholder and director of both.

Our trading business, Mediart Associate Limited, focuses on the global market. Our customers are widespread across the globe, with a deep understanding of the business. Our team of experienced petroleum traders effectively communicates between the sellers and buyers. They assist the sellers in expanding their market shares and make use of economies of scale to grasp trading opportunities for buyers. Our trading business has gained a strong foothold in the regional market. Having long term stable relationships with major refineries, we are able to obtain first hand market information and strategize ourselves promptly in providing the best petroleum supply and trading service to our customers.

Contact Us

Mediart Associate Limited

Unit 509, 5/F, No.4 Kin Fat Lane, N.T , Hong Kong


Contact Person: Mr. Harry Lam

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