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How are gasoline and diesel derived from crude oil?

Crude oil is oil that has not been processed from the underground, and is dark brown and a little fluorescent green!

The main ingredients are carbon and hydrogen, and hundreds of different chemicals are mixed in.

And these substances after the refinery to do separation treatment, can extract our daily use of gasoline and diesel!

In this separation process, called petroleum refining, the principle is to use different evaporation points for each substance. Different substances are clearly identified during heating, it’s then collected by cooling liquefaction.

For example, gasoline has a relatively low evaporation point, between 30 and 200 degrees Celsius,

and the evaporation point of diesel oil is between 180 and 410 degrees,

This makes it easy for them to separate themselves.

And so on, you can extract different products as the temperature changes,

As we often hear about petroleum by-products such as formaldehyde, lubricating oil, asphalt, etc.

With the present technology, diesel oil can even be chemically processed to shorten the carbon chain length of the material structure and turn it into petrol!

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