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Fleet Management

Sunshine Petroleum fuel tanker fleet has more than 30 delegated fuel trucks, it servicing the whole Hong Kong in urban and remote areas. Each fuel tanker is equipped with an advanced fuel delivery electronic meter enables the customer to view and verify the delivery volume on site. A printer is also equipped on the vehicle so as to provide immediate transaction data to allow both parties verify and accept the delivery on site.

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There is an intelligent driving management system equipped in Sunshine’s fuel tanker, which can monitor the real-time position of the vehicle, driving route and records as well as the driving mileage  & driver's attitude through GPS network technology. This is to ensure that the drivers are driving compliant to the road traffic control. All fuel tankers are keeping at a driving speed at 70 kilometers or below to ensure the safety of all road users.

In addition, there are intelligent video recording and automatic hazard warning notification functions in the driving cab. The fleet manger can receive the hazard warning notification in real time, and make appropriate adjustments and support to the fleet based on the data in the video. This information can significantly improve the service quality and reliability of the fleet's service.

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